Fragrance that captures the essence of the South Pacific

Pacific inspired Roll-on Perfume Oils

Aloha Roll-on Perfume Oil

  • You asked for it and we've made it in the roll-on form! Aloha Perfume oil is a sublime fragrance with fresh notes of Bergamot touched with Cedar wood and Pomegranate. It bursts with the essence of Hawaii and her Islands. Imagine a warm tropical evening, the sun has set with a rich warm red glow and the earth is still pulsating with the scent of fruits and flowers. The same formula as our solid perfume the oil combination reveals another layer of intensity to this wonderful perfume. A highly concentrated oil (essential oil & man made fragrance combo) with a base of Golden Jojoba, Organic Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil it's easily absorbed by your skin, no greasy aftermath! Slips neatly in your purse.10 mls/ 3.3 oz Roll -on. Essential oil and man made fragrance in oil base.
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  • Perfume Type  

    Floral - Fruity Berry - Sweet Wood - Soft
    Personality Smooth Layered Complexity
    Size 10 mls - 0.33 oz Perfume Oil

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