Fragrance that captures the essence of the South Pacific

Body & Hair Oil

Forget the chaos. Forget the stuff that doesn’t make sense. Take a tiny moment. Organic Coconut oil, Sweet Almond and Organic Vanilla-infused Jojoba oil. For you. To Feast. Combine a touch of the aphrodisiac Cocoa Absolute and uplifting Ylang Ylang and the warming fruity greenness of Fir Balsam. And whooohooooo! Let it go! Use for a bath or relaxing sensual massage oil. As you like it. Take a tiny moment. To Feast. On you. No slipping and sliding - there is no greasy aftermath. No synthetics or preservatives. Our 200ml Glass bottle is sustainable and eternally recyclable. It feels nice too!

Fragrance Free available for sensitive or troubled skin.

Some Key Ingredients:

      • Coconut Oil has deep moisturising properties that rapidly hydrate, condition and shield the skin from moisture loss. 
      • Jojoba Oil is the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal queen. Non-allergenic, with anti-inflammatory properties, Jojoba oil is majestic. 
      • Sweet Almond oil is food for our skin.  Ancient Egyptians used Almond oil in their hair for lustre! Everyone knows what Cleopatra’s hair looked like – lush! (or so we remember her!)
      • Avocado Oil is seriously rich in vitamins A, D and E, which soften, soothe, regenerate and rejuvenate.
      • Hempseed oil (in our Fragrance Free edition)has unique anti-inflammatory properties, a natural antioxidant and is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.
      • Tamanu oil - renowned throughout the Pacific for its great skin healing properties. 

Essential oils multitask together complimenting each other.

How to apply: Mmm - being an oil – take it slow. When you have a moment for yourself, just stop and apply. It’s up to you how you apply. Open the curtains? Close the doors? Whatever way. Apply and enjoy. It’s an oil base so don’t go too overboard! The rest will follow…Alternatively, Get your birthday suit on and massage oil in. Run around the house naked. Let the neighbours call the cops!