Fragrance that captures the essence of the South Pacific

Moana Ete

Tell us what you love about Wellington, be as random or precise as you like!

Wellington is the love-child of a beautiful Goddess Hippy Mum and a very rich businessman Dad. Her Mum wears the pants and call the shots. Wellington has a degree in fine Arts and Psychology. And now she in her third year of an extensive Political Sciences course. She is not enjoying it and what’s worse is that she’s failing her papers which upsets her. Despite her political schooling dramas she persists because she feels it’s important to finish something she has started. Unfortunately, something Wellington is most known for is her unpredictability and severe mood swings. She’s a bit bi-polar. I don’t think she chooses to be, she just has mental issues. She has her dark days meaning the people closest to her suffer. But on a good day she is the most beautiful, warm, gorgeous, loving woman – the most beautiful in the world. And it’s worth more than all the shit days and spaz outs. And that’s why I love Wellington so much!

Best part of being a Kiwi?

The best part about being a Kiwi is having access to all it’s natural wonders – being able to look at it and call it home.

What do you do?

I write. I try to everyday. If not on this blog, it’s in a journal or a song or an email to a loved one. Writing is a big part of who I am. Being able to compose my insides on the outside is integral to me managing and documenting my growth. Therefore everything I experience be it my job at the bar or reading a book or going for a swim or being with my friends or jamming with the boys – I’m constantly soaking in the experience to use another time.

Fav mammal, amphibian or insect?

Easy. Elephant. They possess so much power and strength yet they tread so softly and are so humble.

Clothes… and food…

My blue Anorak with stripy lining. I love Anoraks. My favourite food is… Any chicken stock based, rice noodle soup.

If you had an empty wall to adorn you’d put a… painting or photo…

Pieces by Wellington based artist Lee Jensen. I love them!

Heroine, historical or contemporary. Bare with me for a bit, but Oprah Winfrey. It’s like her impossible fame and fortune takes away from her vast intelligence and heart of humility and service. She is perfection.

If you travelled to… (country, planet) your Pacific Perfumes fragrance of choice to take with you would be…

When I travel to China’s WWF Panda Enclosure my Pacific Perfume of choice to take with me would be Forest of Ferns. I love sharper, zingi-er smells that are refreshing and remind me of my hikes up Mt Kaukau in Khandallah.