Fragrance that captures the essence of the South Pacific


Tell us what you love about Wellington, be as random or precise as you like!

As compact as this place is Wellington has defiantly been the place where you feel totally absorb in to the culture of the city. From one street to another you go on journey filled with high-end boutiques and laid back atmospheres. Wellington has defiantly put it self on the map with its individuality, people, culture, architecture, food, and fashion.

Best part of being a Kiwi?

Identity! Having your own to show to the world.

What do you do?

I am a passionate dancer who loves to be a sponge in all areas of life. I believe set yourself up from the beginning in order to reach your goals.

Fav mammal, amphibian or insect?

Meerkat there little fast cheeky just like me

Clothes… and food…

Love being a canvas everyday getting up and putting on clothes to suit how I feel and the day.

#FASHION we all live to look different and most importantly being yourself.

#FOOD indulge myself around foods that me feel good and around the people that enjoy it the most. You are what you eat :)

If you had an empty wall to adorn you’d put a… painting or photo…

If I had blank wall I will put a mural of all my favourite memories, a panting of the epic moments to look back on.

Heroine, historical or contemporary…

My grandmother who has given me such amazing morals and values to get through life, her life teachings will remain with me forever.

If you travelled to… (country, planet) your Pacific Perfumes fragrance of choice to take with you would be…

Simply Paradise is the ideal fragrance I will take with me. Love the fruity smells this fragrance has to offer, very ideal for all occasions.