Fragrance that captures the essence of the South Pacific


Tell us what you love about Wellington, be as random or precise as you like!

Wellington? Where do I start? I love it for that fact it’s crazy eclectic. It’s not the same in any one area. Weather you’re in Lambton Quay (Corporate, Shopping), Cuba Street (Hipster, Op-Shopping, Coffee Lovers), Courtney Place (City Go-ers, Dining) or The Waterfront (Relaxing, Outdoor fun and Ice-Cream), Wellington is perfect in the way it’s laid out. Nothing is too far to walk to. It’s a walking city.

It’s so culturally diverse. It celebrates everyone’s cultural background weather it’s Chinese New Year, Matariki, Diwali, a Philippine Pageant to the Tu Tangata Poly Showcase, the city’s inhabitants have managed to appreciate and honour all the cultures living here. It may not be the biggest city in the world but it’s big enough to enjoy life within it.

Wellington weather; Winter especially. It changes as much as Nicki Minaj changes her wigs. In a day - the whether you leave the house, is not necessarily the weather you go back to; Rain, wind, hail and a little shine if' you’re lucky. Crowded House said it best: “Even when you’re feeling warm, the temperature could drop away - Like four seasons in one day”. In saying that Wellington during its best season; Summer is a huge contrast. It’s simply beautiful. From food, drink, arts, indoor/outdoor activities to the sights, Wellington is a city that’s managed to infuse so many differences, balance them and form a warm, safe and vibrant environment a whole lot of people are unfortunate to miss out on because they’re too busy looking for “The High-Life”.

I call Wellington home and at times I wish this city could be different. I love it for everything it’s not - growing up, I’m realising, Wellington is an extension of who Rex Ito is. As Kanye West and Jay-Z say “That sh*t cray!”

Best part of being a Kiwi?

Learning to appreciate the natural beauty of New Zealand. I know that sounds like a generic answer but you grow to admire New Zealand for how healthy the natural environment is. The green of the trees, the rich brown soil, the different shades of blue in the ocean and the fresher than fresh air we get to breathe in every day. We take it for granted.

What do you do?

I take photos, I dance and I write. For me there’s something about taking photos that touches me and blows my mind. Being able to capture a moment in my/people’s lives they can look back on and say “that was a moment I will forever remember not for what happened but the happiness I felt” is irreplaceable. Memories are so much more when you have someone else to share it with and to instantly catch that moment - how can that not take your breath away?

Dance is an outlet for me. I’ve met some of the most genuinely down to earth and crazy (in a the best way) people through this medium. Those 8 counts and hit-hits have challenged me to the point where I’ve wanted to give up; but what is success without a failure? I’ve walked into class on the most dreadful day and come out feeling like the happiest person in the world, why? Because dance makes me happy. It’s opened my eyes and has made me a more focused, accepting and understanding person of all types of art. I’m thankful everyday I get learn and express myself through a form of art I have a passion for and to be surrounded by people who have positive, strengthening and kind attitudes towards one another - that’s heart-warming too. Makes me want to dance more.

Writing - there’s nothing more relaxing than writing to me. Putting a pen, a pencil or a sharpie to paper and just pouring out the many thoughts and ideas in your head is so clearing to the mind. I could spend hours in my room just writing; poetry, short stories, post-cards, letters (I’m old fashioned like that), journaling; once I start I can’t really stop. I go everywhere with my Warehouse Notebook and my Manna Store bought Journal that has inspiring messages on the bottom of every page that reminds me to focus and enjoy life.

Fav mammal, amphibian or insect?

Definitely a Husky. I don’t know why but every time I’m in the presence of a Husky I actually get real excited and happy. I’m not a huge dog/pet lover but there’s something unique and different about a Husky that gets me every time I’m around, see or touch one. I interact with them in a way I don’t with other animals. I want one; one day.

Clothes… and food…

A green and gold Indian inspired padded shoulder blazer and an Emirates Airlines Pilot jacket. For accessories a blue chain necklace my best friends gave me and a plain black beanie; I never leave the house without wearing one or the other. As for food; home made waffles. I love waffles. A great friend gifted a waffle maker to me a couple of Christmases ago and I take good care of it. I love making them for people. Even though some people can’t differentiate a waffle from a pancake; I can assure you - there’s a difference.

If you had an empty wall to adorn you’d put a… painting or photo…

The entire wall would be covered with an artwork drawn by Stephen Wiltshire. I’m in love with his artwork. It’s so precise and you can tell it comes from somewhere deep within his heart. The way he crafts his art is an out-pour of nothing more than pure love for what he does as an artist. I commend his artistry.

Hero, historical or contemporary…

It’s a tie between - Quincy Jones, Spike Lee, Oprah Winfrey & Grace Coddington. They are pure visionaries. When they think/dream up something they will stop at nothing to make it come to life and make it real. These 4 people are an example of extraordinary hard work and with resume’s like theirs which read out to be a blueprint of time and dedication. I have nothing but respect for their incredible creative ingeniuses.

If you travelled to… (country, planet) your Pacific Perfumes fragrance of choice to take with you would be…

Not a matter of if but when I travel to *insert any adventurous city here: New York, Tokyo, Rome, Honolulu, Apia, London, etc.* the Pacific Perfume(s) I’d take with me without hesitating is: Love the Mango and Forest of Ferns. Love the Mango reminds me of a summer in Samoa: simplistic and sweet and Forest of Ferns is basically the smell of everything remotely refreshingly dope.