Fragrance that captures the essence of the South Pacific

The Artisan Packaging

Unwrapping the perfume is an experience in itself. We wanted to surprise and delight while remaining true to our ethos of beauty, quality and sustainability. Getting to your perfume is like discovering fascinating new worlds. An experience you will find joyful.


Never Fear: As we do not support the logging of New Zealand native timber, our pots are made from sustainable beech wood. This eco-friendly alternative is sourced from certified sustainable New Zealand forests. A new tree is planted for every one that is logged. Nice. We approve!

The story – the search for the perfect packaging…

In creating this range we had a vision - to go far beyond the plastic box, to be innovating & surprising. We felt strongly that the packaging needed not only to reflect the spine of the perfumes – untainted, unbound and symbolizing unlimited passion - but it also needed to heighten the entire experience, to have a story to tell. Clearly we needed to find someone with good dose of imagination!

Finding a designer with fresh ideas appealed to us so we approached the School of Design in our home city of Wellington. They were immediately receptive and excited by the idea and of course, the intricacies of the challenge.  Our concept was taken to a packaging design class who quite simply ‘ran away with it’. A fast and furious competition was launched. The brief: 100% sustainable!

We were absolutely blown away by the talent and the compelling concepts that were presented by these designers of the future. The resulting packaging was designed by Packaging Design student Mike Peters. Needless to say we were tickled pink with his design - found it charming, highly inventive and we adored the ‘endlessness’ of his design.