Fragrance that captures the essence of the South Pacific


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The Artisan Range

This new world of perfumes is made up of 100% pure botanical solid perfumes using over 80% certified organic ingredients. Our whole-earth philosophy is reflected in our packaging. Made from renewable and recyclable sources, we strive to make minimal impact on our environment.
Three fragrances in this range.: The Wild Goddess, Simply Paradise, and Pure Legend
Also available by request in 10ml Perfume oil roll-on in certified organic jojoba base.  

Solid Perfume Original Range 

With every Solid Perfume Starter Pack we supply you with a beautiful display stand that holds testers and allows your customers to choose from the full range of products. The canoe tiered stand comes in lovely natural light wood. It takes 3 each of the 6 different solid perfume types with their testers. Freighted fully dismantled in 7 parts, the stand is easy to assemble Alternatively, our new urban -style stand is a low, compact model perfect for the busy counter. It holds 6 each of 5 types of perfume and their testers.
A striking sign on wood, sitting neatly on top of the stand, provides the customer with product details.

Natural Soap

Displayed side by side the Natural Soap boxes combine to form a beautiful illustration that evokes the essence of the South Pacific.

Solid Perfumes

The Original Ranges and presentations include:

Fragrances of Aotearoa / Fragrances of Fiji / Fragrances of Hawaii/

Perfumes of the Pacific /  Fragrances of Samoa