Fragrance that captures the essence of the South Pacific

Island Passion - A Travel Essential

  • A complex, dramatic and smoldering solid perfume, layered with spicy, balsamic and sweet woody base notes. Here's the scene. Beautiful in both cool and hot climates, Island Passion is easily a celebration of red streaked sunsets, swaying palms and intensely blue lagoons. Essentially Pacific in a pot. A travel ready essential. 10ml/0.33oz solid perfume in Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable wood pot. Essential oil and man made fragrance. Essential oil and man made fragrance in plant oil/beeswax base.
  • Perfume Type :  Balsamic - Amber - Spicy - Sweet
    Personality Blindfold me and take me to the Island.
    Size 10 mls - 0.33 oz solid perfume

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